[xmonad] xmonad development

Allen S. Rout asr at ufl.edu
Tue Nov 8 16:07:41 CET 2011

On 11/08/2011 09:46 AM, Brandon Allbery wrote:
> There seems to be a persistent notion that the current state of xmonad
> is something we actively encourage or have set as policy.
> It's not.  We're as frustrated as you are, and we've been trying to get
> this sorted for some 2 years.  What you're seeing is ugly workarounds,
> not something anyone involved with xmonad intends.

So, at the risk of encouraging airing of dirty laundry:

darcs is a _D_vcs, right?

So if The Community has wanted a new release for two years, then what is 
preventing someone from saying "FINE!  I call 0.99, _here_"?

Is there some official possession of credentials that is at issue?

- Allen S. Rout

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