[xmonad] Problem with custom layout

Phil Thomson xmonad at philthomson.ca
Tue Nov 8 09:13:40 CET 2011

Hi all,

I have been trying to build a custom layout for my small-screen 
netbook. The layout consists of a master area which contains one window 
and (if there is more than one window) a slave area in which all other 
windows are tabbed.

My xmonad.hs is here: http://hpaste.org/53712

The magic comes from this line in myLayoutHook:

addTabsAlways shrinkText myTabConfig (mastered 0.05 0.5 Simplest)

which relies on XMonad.Layout.Master, XMonad.Layout.Simplest and 

The problem for me is that when I have, say, 3 windows open, and window 
#3 (the second window in the tabbed slave area) is focused, if I switch 
to window #1 (the master window), then window #2 (the first window in 
the tabbed slave area) is raised (though not focused) so that I can no 
longer see window #3. The behaviour I would like is for window #3 to 
remain visible when I switch to the master window and, more generally, 
for whatever slave window has been visible to remain visible when I 
switch to the master area.

I have tried another two-paned layout without being able to eliminate 
the problematic behaviour.

Does anyone know 1) another way to implement the layout I am looking 
for with the behaviour I want or 2) a way to produce the behaviour I 
desire with my existing custom layout?


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