[xmonad] [Haskell-cafe] howto best use emacs + tiling WM (Xmonad, DWM)

Yitzchak Gale gale at sefer.org
Sun Nov 6 14:34:06 CET 2011

Hi kaffeepause73,

I am continuing this discussion on the xmonad list.
As Jason pointed out, that is the right place for it.

kaffeepause73 wrote:
> I'm using dwm which I really love (ev. consider switching to xmonad).
> However when I'm working with emacs (programming haskell) und dwm I feel,
> I'm not as effecient as I eventually could be...
> When I create new frames for emacs with strg-x 5-2 then I'm sort getting
> closer to where I would like to be, but then I find myself having [two] windows
> on which I switch buffers and I get "confused" again.

That's what I do. Except I only use ^X-5-f and ^X-5-r.
I don't get confused, because I (almost) never
switch buffers within a frame. Instead, I move the frames
around using xmonad. Each frame is a buffer.

I use the 3-column layout in xmonad. So I always have
3-5 emacs frames on each of the windows, with some
frames double-height and some regular height. (My screen
is pretty big.) I organize them so that I can see all of the
buffers I am working at once in the same window. I use
xmonad keys to move the focus around, to move the frames around
within a window, to change between regular and double-height,
and to move them between windows.

I can also mix in other kinds of windows when needed, like a
PDF viewer or a browser pane.

With this set up and 4 xmonad windows, I can work efficiently
with up to 20 emacs buffers. That's more than enough for me.

> If there is an good solution within emacs and the emacs mode than I'm of
> course also more than open for it.

I'm not sure why you prefer that. For me, xmonad is a much better
window manager than emacs.


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