[xmonad] Xmonad on Pardus

Troels Henriksen athas at sigkill.dk
Mon May 23 17:15:56 CEST 2011

Tayfur Yilmaz <yilmaz.tayfur at gmail.com> writes:

> Hi Everyone,
> I'm working for Xmonad package for Pardus and Pardus package management
> system named pisi but before ı want to install xmonad and haskell dependency
> my computer But I have some  problem.
> Problem output
> tayfur at tayfur ghc-7.0.2 $ ./configure --enable-hc-boot
> --build=i386-unknown-linux --host=i386-unknown-linux
> --target=i386-unknown-linux
> checking for gfind...
> no
> checking for find...
> /usr/bin/find
> checking for sort...
> /usr/bin/sort
> checking for ghc... no

It looks like you have downloaded a source distribution of GHC.  Since
GHC is itself written in Haskell, you need an existing installation of GHC
for bootstrapping.  I would recommend that you download a binary version
from the GHC website.

> And you can see pisi package for xmonad haskell looking adress ->
> https://svn.pardus.org.tr/projeler/COMAK/playground/tayfur.yilmaz/ And
> I 'm want to answer some question xmonad team Why automatic tools are
> not enough for configurations

Probably because Xmonad is written in Haskell - Autotools are not needed
or desired.

\  Troels
/\ Henriksen

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