[xmonad] Issue 456 in xmonad: xmonad partially eats key events comprising a WM shortcut

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Mon May 23 15:45:03 CEST 2011

Comment #5 on issue 456 by hramr... at gmail.com: xmonad partially eats key  
events comprising a WM shortcut

Can you, please, explain where it is stated that X generates key events at  
random without any relation to keys physically pressed on the keyboard?

Searching around the Web I found a piece of Xlib manual detailing keyboard  
events here:


It says that key events may lag if input processing is frozen but not that  
key events are randomly lost in X server.

If you have a manual stating otherwise then please share where it is  

Otherwise I would say that the observed behaviour points to an issue with  
XMonad - the application is very capable of tracking the key state unless a  
key event is eaten by XMonad.


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