[xmonad] What do you have in your tray?

John Mastro john.b.mastro at gmail.com
Sat May 21 21:14:30 CEST 2011

I started using XMonad a few weeks ago and really enjoy it. I hadn't tried a
tiling WM before - I'm amazed at how much more spacious my screens feel.

After trying both xmobar and dzen2 I've found that I prefer xmobar. I've
also tried it running it with Trayer (I started by following John Goerzen's
tutorial) but I have the sense I'm not getting as much out of it as I could

If there are any Trayer (or similar) users on the list, what applets do you
have there? For the moment I've only found Gajim useful. I'm using XMonad on
a desktop, so nm-applet for instance isn't as helpful as it would be
elsewhere. Is there a Gtk (or GNOME) mixer applet? That's something I'd like
to add but the candidates I've found (like gnome-alsamixer) don't seem to
use an applet.


- John
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