[xmonad] Issue 456 in xmonad: xmonad partially eats key events comprising a WM shortcut

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Thu May 19 10:33:20 CEST 2011

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New issue 456 by hramr... at gmail.com: xmonad partially eats key events  
comprising a WM shortcut

When I invoke a keyboard shortcut of XMonad this happens:

Mod key down (eg. Super) is received by application

action key down (eg. C) is eaten by XMonad <At this point Mod release  
should be sent to application> , action is performed.

action key release and Mod key release is eaten by XMonad

Mod is stuck down in application

XMonad should send key release for modifiers it ate to the application.

It should do so before performing the action bound to the key because at  
that point it is known the key will be eaten and the application that  
received the bogus key down is still active. If the action is some WM  
action that switches windows the only time when this fixup can reasonably  
happen is before performing the action.

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