[xmonad] xmonad as stacking wm

Wirt Wolff wirtwolff at gmail.com
Thu May 12 05:22:34 CEST 2011

Excerpts from sergio's message of Wed May 11 19:42:49 -0600 2011:
> I'm looking for wm with randr support, which can manage screens (monitors)
> independently. As I know, xmonad can this, but I hate tiling. So the 
> question
> is: is it possible to setup xmonad so, that it looked like a tiling wm?
> ..... 
> Is is possible to find some such sample configs?
> What could you say about bluetile? I've heard that it merged into 
> xmonad, but
> I haven't find it in darcs.

Try out the sample config at XMonad.Config.Bluetile.


If it is close to what you're looking for, you can get fancier from
there by asking for help with specific behavior you want from XMonad. If
you ask here or in #xmonad eventually someone will work out how to do it
or say "hmm, that might be better done in a differnt wm."

At least Config.Bluetile will get you started.

Also note that bluetile has many keybindings different from the
defaults. Use the source link at the top of the page to read them.

All in all, though, if I was mostly interested in floating layouts and
hated tiling, I'd probably look into other wm's. Unless I wanted to
learn about Haskell.  Hopefully the simple bluetile setup works well for

There's a huge table of wms at http://www.gilesorr.com/wm if you end up



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