[xmonad] Issue 451 in xmonad: Problem with popping up gnome menu with a hotkey

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Sun May 8 23:23:20 CEST 2011

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New issue 451 by victor.g... at gmail.com: Problem with popping up gnome menu  
with a hotkey

gnomeRun() from XMonad.Config.Gnome works, but after replacing  
popu up menu) there is no menu.

I'm attaching a trivial program (in C) that pop-ups menu if compiled with  
-DMAIN_MENU and run-dialog otherwise.

I'm spawning that program from xmonad: ("M-<F1>",  
spawn "/path/to/gnome-popup").

MAIN_MENU version works only if there is a delay before sending X message.  
Without delay there is no menu.

I'm not sure, but maybe it is some bug in xmonad, because I don't  
understand, why we need this delay, so I'm reporting it here.

	gnome-popup.c  777 bytes

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