[xmonad] manageHook question

Adam Vogt vogt.adam at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 17:04:38 CET 2011

* On Friday, March 11 2011, Victor Gaydov wrote:

>Could someone give me an example of manageHook that will tile
>window if it's width is more that some constant and float it otherwise?
>And another question, is it possible to send window to specific
>subLayout from manageHook?

Hi Victor,

By the optional floating, do you mean when the window in question requests 
a minimum width, like this function:

exceedsSize :: Dimension -> Dimension -> Query Bool
exceedsSize minWidth minHeight = do
    w <- ask
    d <- liftX (asks display)
    sizeHints <- liftIO (getWMNormalHints d w)
    return $ case sh_min_size sizeHints of
        Just (width,height) -> width > minWidth || height > minHeight
        Nothing -> False

Which can then be used in a ManageHook to float in:

    exceedsSize 500 400 --> doFloat

Many windows do not specify minimum sizes, or the minimum sizes are quite small
so this might not be useful (if it does what it is supposed to, as I didn't
test it).

For the second question do you mean something like the last definition here
which has some issues which might need changing SubLayouts to work


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