[xmonad] Issue 462 in xmonad: Ewmh desktop handle event doesn't correctly handle _NET_WM_DESKTOP message type

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Tue Jun 21 18:35:31 CEST 2011

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New issue 462 by punitagr... at gmail.com: Ewmh desktop handle event doesn't  
correctly handle _NET_WM_DESKTOP message type

In xmonad-contrib source package, in the folder  
XMonad/Hooks/EwmhDesktops.hs in the "handle" function when  
processing "_NET_WM_DESKTOP" message type the argument n is checked for 0  
<= n <= length ws.

The specification at  
http://standards.freedesktop.org/wm-spec/wm-spec-1.3.html#id2507080 states  
that when n is 0xffffffff the window is requesting to be placed on all  
desktops. Instead xmonad logs an error to .xsession-errors file.

This bug triggered for me when trying to use xmonad as the window manager  
within kde. On launching krunner using "Windows-P" combination from  
kde4Config krunner doesn't appear.

I am using ver 0.9.1 of xmonad on Kde 4.5.5 in Ubuntu 10.10. I had a quick  
look at the code to see if there was an easy fix but my Haskell is quite  
poor to attempt any changes. I'll be glad to test a fix though.


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