[xmonad] Window(s) overlaps status bar after xmonad is restarted

Dunric dunric29a at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 19:31:47 CEST 2011


any advice how to prevent windows to overlap statusbar after xmonad is 
(re)started ?

-- status bar is launched by the following code
main = xmonad =<< statusBar "xmobar" myBarPP toggleStrutsKey myConfig

-- base configuration structure passed to xmonad
myConfig = defaultConfig
     , layoutHook            = myLayoutHook

-- layout hook contains avoidStructs modifier
myLayoutHook = layoutHintsToCenter $ avoidStruts  $ lessBorders OnlyFloat $
     onWorkspace "9" simplestFloat $ named "Stacked" wmii ||| 
(lessBorders NoStatusBar Full)

-- struts key definition for a completeness
toggleStrutsKey _ = (myModMask, xK_b)

An window like xterm overlaps xmobar at xmonad's restart only, 9 of 10 
times. If I toggle xmobar visibility then, windows are properly placed 
in the free screen space (bellow xmobar or fill whole area if xmobar is 

Take care.


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