[xmonad] Re: sh-less spawn?

Justin Bogner mail at justinbogner.com
Mon Sep 20 21:19:37 EDT 2010

Joachim Breitner writes:
> I just noticed this in my process list:
>   │           ├─xmonad-x86_64-l
>   │           │   └─sh -c gnome-terminal
>   │           │       └─gnome-terminal
> How about checking whether the argument x contains only alphanumerical
> characters and, if that is the case, executing the program directly?

I like that idea. I guess it would be as simple as splitting on
whitespace and counting the number of arguments, as I doubt anyone's
spawning anything with globs in the first word...

I wonder if there's a way you could do the split at compile time, given
that the arguments to spawn are almost always constants.

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