[xmonad] xmonad & opera dialogs

Felix Blanke felixblanke at gmail.com
Tue Oct 12 16:31:08 EDT 2010


Thx for your reply.

I'm using opera 10.63 (since today, the problem also exist with 10.62 and some
earlier). Distro is gentoo.

I can resize the dialog boxes the way I want to. The size varies like every time.
Sometimes the size is ok, sometimes it is to small (if opera is on one of my small
screens, 1200x1600) and sometimes it is way to big (>5000 pixel).

I have 3 screens here, 1200x1600, 2560x1600 and 1200x1600. I'm not 100% sure but the
big download dialog only occurs since I added the third monitor (1200x1600). Before
there were only the small boxes on the 1200x1600 screen.

If I resize one box the next time the box has a different size, seems to be random.

I'm not sure if I would like to tile all dialogs. What would be the config part for

Btw: That doesn't hapen in other programs. I'm not using a lot programs with GUI, but
for example firefox don't have that problem at my computer.


On 12. October 2010 - 14:34, Lithis wrote:
> Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2010 14:34:08 -0500
> From: Lithis <xmonad at selg.hethrael.org>
> To: xmonad at haskell.org
> Subject: Re: [xmonad] xmonad & opera dialogs
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> I use Opera with xmonad 0.9 and I have never noticed a
> problem with dialog sizes. I don’t use a password, but the
> download dialogs and all other dialogs are appropriately
> sized. What version of Opera are you running? I’m running
> the latest under Arch Linux, but I didn’t have any trouble
> under Ubuntu several years ago either. What distro are you
> using?
> Can you resize the dialog boxes? If you do so, do new
> dialogs open with the new size or still with the incorrect
> size?
> Is this an intermittent problem, i.e., do some download
> dialogs open with the correct size and some are too large?
> Do the same dialogs always have the same incorrect sizes or
> do they vary?
> When dialog boxes in other applications open in a size I
> don’t like, I often press Mod+T to tile the dialog box.
> (I’ve considered modifying my config to automatically tile
> all dialog boxes, like ion3 used to.) If you can’t fix it
> any other way, tiling missized dialog boxes is an easy
> workaround.
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