[xmonad] ppVisible with 3 screens

Adam Vogt vogt.adam at gmail.com
Sun Oct 10 10:00:32 EDT 2010

* On Sunday, October 10 2010, Felix Blanke wrote:

>are you sure that it doesn't work with only one screen?
>Even with only one screen "getSortByXineramaRule" returns a list with 9 workspaces
>(I'm using 9 workspaces) in it, right? Logicaly the sorting after the let is wrong
>then, but there should be no error.
>But like I said: I'm a haskell noob, maybe I'm totaly wrong :)
>How would I add that fallback? You wrote some ], but I'm not sure how such a fallback
>looks @haskell
>myXineramaSorter = do
>    srt <- getSortByXineramaRule
>    let prm (one:two:rest) = two:one:rest
>    return (prm . srt)

You're right, the list of workspaces is being sorted. So my point about
number of screens should be about the number of workspaces, and nobody
ever has a single workspace. So the problem is purely academic. But here
is how the whole thing looks:

myXineramaSorter = do
    srt <- getSortByXineramaRule
    let prm (one:two:rest) = two:one:rest
        prm x = x
    return (prm . srt)


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