[xmonad] XMonad.Layout.Groups followup

Quentin Moser moserq at gmail.com
Fri Oct 1 10:46:10 EDT 2010

Hi people,

I know I promised to try and merge my Groups layout into
X.L.Sublayout; it won't happen.
I've just spent a long while without a Linux machine, and in the
meantime my interest in
hacking XMonad has waned considerably.

So I plan on leaving X.L.Groups as a separate module. Its
functionality does overlap with
Sublayouts, but not completely, and from what I remember about my
attempts to merge
them it's not at all trivial. They also offer very different
interfaces, which make different
things easy to do.

The patch file I've attached contains a few fixes to the Groups layout
which I hadn't sent
yet, a minor redesign of the interface which, as far as I'm concerned,
is now frozen, and
a patch to orphan all the modules I was supposed to be maintaining.

With these fixes, the only outstanding problem left with X.L.Groups
(as far as I'm aware)
is that when deleting the focused window focus may jump back to another one at
surprising places in the layout, but I don't see a obvious way of
fixing and I don't want
to spend too much time on this anymore, so I'm leaving it as-is.


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