[xmonad] separate log for each Xinerama screen

Adam Vogt vogt.adam at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 08:11:34 EST 2010

* On Wednesday, November 17 2010, Oleksandr Manzyuk wrote:

>Hi Adam,
>Thanks for the link to your configuration.  Indeed, it basically
>provides the behavior I wanted to have, except that I also wanted to
>make the status bar on an unfocused screen show something useful (like
>the title of the last focused window and the layout on that screen).
>On the other hand, your code allows to use different pretty-printers
>for the focused and unfocused screens.
>Hm... It looks like the changes I am suggesting are not general
>enough.  Should I make a patch or should we think about factoring the
>existing functionality even further?  In the former case, should I
>change the (admittedly provisional) names dynamicLogWithPP',
>dynamicLogString', and pprWindowSet' to longer but more descriptive
>dynamicLogWithPPonScreen, dynamicLogStringOnScreen, and

What we're running into is probably the reason such functionality
doesn't exist in contrib already: there are far too many different ways
you can display things with multiple status bars, and it's tricky to
allow a good portion of them.

Something else to consider is having xmobar read an x property rather
than using a pipe. This config has an example:

Descriptive names are better. Using one data with named fields should
probably be used once there are enough optional arguments.


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