[xmonad] Re: Issue 348 in xmonad: Encoding task force

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Fri Nov 12 10:39:56 EST 2010

Comment #7 on issue 348 by ilabath: Encoding task force

X.H.DynamicLog.dynamicLogString :: PP -> X String
encodes the resulting string to utf8, which is sloppy according to the  
and produces double-encoded output with ghc 6.12.3 on darcs version of  
xmonad+contib when outputting to a pipe.

I've removed the encodeString processing, and added a cleaner equivalent to  
the xmonadPropLog, where I believe the output should be utf8-encoded. It  
fixes encoding issues for me, but I have only tested it with pipe output on  
my current setup.

I don't know whether it will work on older versions of ghc, where output  
might not be automatically encoded.

While fixing the log hook, I've noticed a redundant depend in the cabal  
file and (hopefully) made the X.U.NamedWindows.getName function more  
readable. I don't know what to do with those patches, so I'm just attaching  
them as well.

	log-fix.dpatch  48.8 KB
	nodepend.dpatch  47.6 KB
	nicer-getname.dpatch  48.5 KB

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