[xmonad] Issue 418 in xmonad: Lots of different xmessage invocations

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Wed Nov 3 09:05:18 EDT 2010

Status: New
Owner: ----

New issue 418 by nwfilardo: Lots of different xmessage invocations

Actions.Eval       uses safeSpawn "/usr/bin/xmessage"
Actions.TopicSpace uses spawnPipe "xmessage -file -"
Core               uses forkProcess $ executeFile "xmessage"
Hooks.DynamicLog   uses spawn $ "xmessage
Util.EZConfig      uses spawn $ "xmessage
Util.NamedActions  uses xfork $ executeFile "xmessage"

Would there be objection to centralizing this (in, say, Operations) and  
adding a xmessage field to XConfig of type Maybe String?  (If Nothing, just  
write to stderr.)  If there's no objection, I'll be happy to write the  

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