[xmonad] Re: Issue 4 in xmonad: Separate focus for tiled and floating layers

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Tue Nov 2 00:55:14 EDT 2010

Comment #34 on issue 4 by vogt.adam: Separate focus for tiled and floating  

I see how TrackFloating is still unsatisfactory.

Perhaps xmonad (and the modified layout) focus should be modified only when  
focus goes to tiled due to a window disappearing, and for crossing events:

(CrossingEvent {ev_window=w, ev_event_type=t, ev_mode=m})
                 | t == enterNotify, m == notifyNormal =

Modifying xmonad focus from a layout is tricky, since it's difficult to  
know that infinite loops of refreshing can not occur. Splitting it up as  
layout and eventHook may be simpler.

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