[xmonad] Re: Issue 381 in xmonad: lack of NETWM compliance triggers Qt bug

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Wed Mar 17 18:19:44 EDT 2010

Comment #1 on issue 381 by allbery.b: lack of NETWM compliance triggers Qt  

That sounds like a bad idea except possibly as a contrib module marked  
specifically as "hack for broken Qt",
because advertising but ignoring those messages could well break other  

On the other hand, the fix in Qt would be ugly but compatible:  retrieve  
the _NET_VIRTUAL_ROOTS (if not in
_NET_SUPPORTED, use the root window(s) for all managed screens directly)  
and then walk the tree of children
of these windows to see if they have frame windows.  If it happens that no  
such windows exist, track what
happens when creating the first window and remember it.

The *real* fix for this is for the EWMH spec to include a _NET_REPARENT  
atom in _NET_SUPPORTED (value
boolean), thus allowing random programs to discover if the window manager  
reparents without any hackery.
One would think that, with the number of programs that behave oddly if they  
don't know the current wm is
reparenting (note the hardcoded wm list in the JRE and some other  
environments), someone would have
considered this already.

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