[xmonad] Re: Issue 378 in xmonad: Clean up WindowBringer interface

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Tue Mar 9 21:28:41 EST 2010

Comment #2 on issue 378 by MathStuf: Clean up WindowBringer interface

The only packages I have in cabal is HInotify and xmobar. The rest are  
straight distribution packages
(Fedora 12). Unfortunately, this is not much of a build box so building  
packages from the ground up is a
little painful. When I get back from spring break, I'll run it on a more  
powerful machine.

As for the dependency issues, it seems that an older version of the HTTP  
library had been removed, but
not from the packages list. This in turn made the build system thing  
headers were missing and things went
downhill from there. Rather than fiddling with the packages file and making  
things worse, i just reinstalled

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