[xmonad] Profiling XMonad

Alejandro Serrano Mena trupill at gmail.com
Sun Jun 13 15:16:04 EDT 2010

I'm trying to allow RGB images as buttons in XMonad. It's alreasy working,
but now XMonad leaks a lot of memory (each time you change focus about 1 or
2 megabytes are taken from memory), so when a little time passes, it becomes
unusable. I'd like to ask for help profiling or with any other thing that
may help me solve this problem.

As of now, I'm saving the images as String. Then, using
Foreign.C.String.newCAString, I convert it to a CString, which is what Xlib
expects. After that, I create a Image using XCreateImage, which I paint
using XPutImage. Finally, I call XDestroyImage to free the memory. So, as
far as I know, no leak should be possible :(

Thanks in advance.
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