[xmonad] Re: Issue 348 in xmonad: Encoding task force

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Sun Jun 13 07:53:19 EDT 2010

Comment #1 on issue 348 by alexey.skladnoy: Encoding task force

Modules which import Codec.Binary.UTF8.*:

  * XMonad.Hooks.EwmhDesktops
OK used to encode desktop names.

  * XMonad.Actions.Search
OK used to encode URLs

  * XMonad.Util.XSelection
Seems to be OK. Documentation is outdated and shoud be updated

  * XMonad.Util.Font
Doesn't use function but jus rexport them under different names:
`encodeOutout' and `decodeInput'

encodeOutput is only used in X.Prompt.Shell and X.Hooks.DynamicLog I
think it would be better to remove encodeOutput function and just
import encodeString from utf8-string.

decodeInput is used in X.Prompt.Shell and X.Promt modules.  X.Promt
deserve special investigation since it stopped correcty work with
unicode some time ago.

== Unicode bugs ==

Here is list of found bugs related to unicode:

X.Hooks.DynamicLog: xmonadPropLog'
     Function sets UTF8_STRING atom without properly encoding it.
     Actually it require utf8-encoded string as input.

     Returns utf8-encoded string.

X.Hooks.SetWMName: setWMName
     Doesn't properly encode UTF8_STRING atom. Comment from function says:
     "now only accepts latin1 names to eliminate dependency on utf8 encoder"
     Since utf8-string dependency is now madatory this is clearly outdated

     Some time ago it suddently begun to mangle non-ASCII input.

	Search-unicode-clean.dpatch  40.7 KB

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