[xmonad] XMonad in linuxmint 64bits

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Mon Jun 7 11:15:09 EDT 2010


I have installed XMonad in my computer with LinuxMint version 9, 64 bits, Linux Kernel 2.6.32-21-generic, GNOME: 2.30.0

I had no problems with the installation but when I try to run xmonad from a terminal I got the following message:

/home/luis/.xmonad/xmonad-x86_64-linux: executeFile: does not exist (No such file or directory)

xmonad executable is in /usr/bin and there is not .xmonad directory in my home directory, neither an executable xmonad-x86_64-linux in any directory.

I created a directory .xmonad and a symbolic link xmonad-x86_64-linux but nothing happenned.

I downloaded all the software with the software manager utility.

Does anyone know why is LinuxMint asking for executable xmonad-x86_64-linux?, do I have to create this?, if yes, how?.

In the documents there is not reference to a directory .xmonad, the reference is to .xsessions, is this a change that has not been documented yet?.

Thank you very much for your kind answer.

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