[xmonad] knowing what is on each workspace and/or knowing which workspace I am looking at

Lara Michaels laramichaels1978 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 18 10:18:15 EDT 2010

Dear all,

Thank you for your amazing replies. 

Until now I have managed to get XMonad.Layout.ShowWName running and it is already great help. What I would like, though, would be to make that small indication of what the current workspace is called *permanent* -- by having it sit, eg, in a corner of each of my screens. Looking at the source [http://xmonad.org/xmonad-docs/xmonad-contrib/src/XMonad-Layout-ShowWName.html], I understand that I can change the x and y arithmetic to position the small window displaying the workspace name in a corner of my screen. What I don't know how to do is:

- to disable the "timer", so that it doesn't fade out; I guess it has to be done in the last two statements of that function?

- how to recompile  XMonad.Layout.ShowWName so that this "custom" version runs rather than the one included in xmonad-contrib on my ubuntu system.

Any guidance on how to pull this off would be amazing. : )

Many thanks, best,



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