[xmonad] small problems with doFullFloat

Henrique G. Abreu hgabreu at gmail.com
Tue Jul 6 13:52:35 EDT 2010


There's no need to use composeOne (I think it may solve problem1)
myManageHook =
  [ appName =? "Skype --> doFloat
  , isFullscreen --> doFullFloat

I not sure, but I guess there's no pretty solution to problem2,
since it's a flash problem/feature, when it loses focus it closes itself.
Other apps behave normally, like a fullscreen presentation, etc.

Henrique G. Abreu

On Tue, Jul 6, 2010 at 14:16, Lara Michaels <laramichaels1978 at yahoo.com>wrote:

> Dear all,
> I love using xmonad and would like to thank the developers for this
> wonderful piece of software. It really added a lot to the usability of my
> computer!
> Three small issues that I have been living with for some time, but am
> wondering if others know how to solve:
> To make Youtube videos display in fullscreen, I googled and then appended
> this last line to my myManageHook:
> myManageHook =
>    [
>      appName  =? "Skype"   --> doFloat,
>      -- other lines with appName/className/title --> doFloat
>      composeOne [ isFullscreen -?> doFullFloat ]
>    ]
> [Am I doing this right?]
> Problem 1: This solution sort of worked: now the Firefox window expands
> after I click the "fullscreen" button on Youtube, but not as it should since
> the Youtube control bar stays halfway across the screen. [See attached
> screenshot.] It looks as if the control bar is being positioned "too early"
> while the window is still being maximized. That is the first problem.
> Problem 2: The second problem is that the moment I move focus away from
> this screen (I have two monitors) the full-screen video disappears. Eg, if I
> move my mouse to the second monitor to edit an email then the full-screen
> video disappears.
> If anyone can help me solve these two issues, I would be very grateful. I
> am using xmonad 0.9.1 on Ubuntu 10.04 and am attaching my xmonad.hs.
> Best,
> Lara
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