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wagnerdm at seas.upenn.edu wagnerdm at seas.upenn.edu
Thu Jan 28 14:24:42 EST 2010

Quoting "Jose A. Ortega Ruiz" <jao at gnu.org>:

> I hope i'm not off-topic. I'm posting here because i haven't been able
> to contact Andrea, xmobar's maintainer, and i thought some of you might
> be interested in a couple of add-ons to xmobar that i've been hacking

Here are some short hacks of my own, along with the descriptions I  
sent to Andrea.

1. parsing Haskell-style escapes in the config
Since StdinReader gets expanded before xmobar looks for alignment  
separators, you have to choose the alignment separators carefully to  
be characters that will never appear on stdin.  Since I wanted to send  
window titles via stdin, this doesn't leave many safe options!  The  
best I could come up with was the null character (ASCII 0, the  
string-ender in C).  But xmobar's config parser wouldn't parse "\NUL"  
or "\0".  Here's a patch that makes it do so, and at the same time  
cuts out a bunch of code; it shouldn't break any old configs unless  
they relied on "\n" being converted to "n" (instead of a newline) or  
something similar.

2. XPosition constructors with a height parameter
Here's a patch that adds two XPosition constructor.  They are

TopSize Align Int Int
BottomSize Align Int Int

The meaning of the first is much like TopW, except that it adds a  
parameter for a minimum height (in pixels).  (BottomW is similar.)  I  
like this because it makes it possible to mesh xmobar with my dock --  
making them both the same height -- even if the font isn't big enough  
to fill the height of the dock.

I also added a blurb about it in the README.  I tried to use the  
syntax of the rest of the file, but you should probably check that it  
still "compiles" (or whatever) correctly.  I didn't know how to check  
this myself, sorry.
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