[xmonad] Re: Issue 365 in xmonad: shellPrompt ctrl-c hangs xmonad

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Thu Jan 28 00:28:21 EST 2010

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Comment #1 on issue 365 by wirtwo... at gmail.com: shellPrompt ctrl-c hangs  

Worked around in darcs. Only applies in 0.9 and 0.9.1
AFAICT. Current discussion related to Prompt and ctrl-C
is going on in


It's good to have this report however, even if closed as
a duplicate, since it's more likely to match user searches.
Please star yourself to Issue 317 for updates, and comment
there as to your preferred default action for ctrl-C.
Regardless of the default, though, in darcs xmonad-contrib
Prompt keymaps are customizable.

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