[xmonad] Recommended setup for coding

Ralph Hofmann hofmann2004 at arcor.de
Wed Jan 27 04:54:57 EST 2010

> I think I see what is going on.  When you close the terminal, a SIGHUP signal
> is sent.  The default action for that signal is to immediately exit.  You have
> a few options:
>     * don't close that terminal
>     * don't start xmonad from a terminal; start it with GNOME's regular
>       facilities for starting the WM
>     * run xmonad in a wrapper such as screen or nohup

When I switch with "killall metacity && nohup xmonad &" I can close the
terminal without a problem. However starting Gnome with xmonad right
from the start still doesn't work.

I can live with that, but any further idea is appreciated.



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