[xmonad] xmonad on solaris, input issue

Stephan Schulz ss.c at gmx.net
Fri Jan 22 17:29:30 EST 2010

Hello all!

I've succeeded in building xmonad 0.9.1 on a sparc box with Solaris 10 
and GHC 6.10.4 (bootstrapped with the 6.8.3 binary sparc package). The 
only issue is, that it doesn't recognize it's metakey. So I can't open a 
terminal or quit it with Meta+Shift+Q. It has definitely something to do 
with the build process as remotely starting xmonad on a linux box does 
work flawless (remotely as in "ssh -X" to it). Has anyone suggestions 
were I should start to check for errors?

best regards,

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