[xmonad] Re: Issue 359 in xmonad: shellPromptHere from XMonad.Actions.SpawnOn doesn't work as claimed

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Thu Jan 21 02:36:26 EST 2010

Comment #2 on issue 359 by wei.hoo: shellPromptHere from  
XMonad.Actions.SpawnOn doesn't work as claimed

I think I've found the issue. The way SpawnOn works is by associating a
managehook which will move the program to a specific workspace, with the
program's pid. Say we want to execute opera, the pid we recorded is  
for "/bin/sh

However, when manageSpawn comes to manage the spawned program, the pid it
sees is for "/usr/bin/opera", different from what we recorded. Therefore,  
it does
nothing, and opera is placed on our current window.

This issues begs a question: why does spawnPID do a double-fork? Below is  
from XMonad.Core:

-- | spawn. Launch an external application. Specifically, it double-forks  
-- runs the 'String' you pass as a command to /bin/sh.
spawn :: MonadIO m => String -> m ()
spawn x = spawnPID x >> return ()

-- | Like 'spawn', but returns the 'ProcessID' of the launched application
spawnPID :: MonadIO m => String -> m ProcessID
spawnPID x = xfork $ executeFile "/bin/sh" False ["-c", x] Nothing

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