[xmonad] darcs patch: X.A.TopicSpace: new viewMethod field

Nicolas Pouillard nicolas.pouillard at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 03:27:52 EST 2010

(2nd send: I have the impression that this mail wasn't well sent)

Excerpts from Adam Vogt's message of Tue Dec 29 03:13:44 +0100 2009:
> * On Monday, December 28 2009, Brent Yorgey wrote:
> >I've attached a small patch which adds a 'viewMethod' field to
> >TopicSpace configs, allowing the user to choose what method (usually
> >view or greedyView) is used to view workspaces. This will not break
> >any configs (except for those silly enough to use an explicit
> >TopicConfig constructor instead of overriding fields in the default
> >config record) since the default is the same as the old behavior.
> >
> >-Brent
> Unfortunately, the change to supply a default TopicConfig was added
> shortly after 0.9.
> While I can see cases where adding additional fields in the TopicConfig
> record are justified, your change would be just as easily accomplished
> by exporting a version of switchTopic parameterized by that function,
> while accomplishing less breakage:
> >  switchTopic' :: (WorkspaceId -> WindowSet -> WindowSet)
> >                 -> TopicConfig
> >                 -> Topic
> >                 -> X ()
> Do you mind sending an updated patch?

I'm a bit hesitating on this, I like both changes (I indeed consider the
config extension as a minor issue). The switchTopic' one is more lightweight
and modular but also more obscure (for the novice).

While we're talking of TopicSpace I have a change to share that I would
like to get included. Basically the maximal depth becomes visual only,
internally all topics are kept, this is especially useful when closing
lots of topics, older ones will reappear in the previous topics list.

However I have a little concern about the space usage of TopicSpace or
maybe this can be caused by other extensions as well. I think I have
a space leak, I also think I have cured one (see the `seq` call). This
may be related to the extensible state change as well.

Best regards,

Nicolas Pouillard
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