[xmonad] Changing workspace using the mouse

wagnerdm at seas.upenn.edu wagnerdm at seas.upenn.edu
Mon Jan 4 11:01:41 EST 2010

You might be interested in checking out the documentation for mouseBindings:
For example, I could imagine setting up left click+scroll to move the  
focused window up and down the stack, and right click+scroll to move  
the focused window up and down the workspace list.  Untested example  

import Data.Map
import XMonad.Actions.CycleWS
import XMonad.StackSet

main = xmonad defaultConfig {
   mouseBindings = const $ fromList [
     ((button1Mask, button4), const (windows focusUp)),
     ((button1Mask, button5), const (windows focusDown)),
     ((button2Mask, button4), const (shiftToPrev >> prevWS)),
     ((button2Mask, button4), const (shiftToNext >> nextWS))

Quoting "Ian D. Leroux" <idleroux at fastmail.fm>:

> I'm interested in using the mouse to navigate between windows, while
> retaining the benefits of tiled window management (I hate resizing
> windows by hand).  Xmonad already lets me change the focus within a
> workspace with the mouse.  Is there any way (possibly using an extension
> or by interaction with an external tool) to use the mouse to switch
> workspaces?  How about rearranging windows within a (tiled) workspace? I
> haven't found anything relevant in the documentation or the list
> archives, but I might not be searching for the right thing.  If no such
> capability currently exists, do you have any tips on where I should
> start if I want to try writing my own?
> Thanks,
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> Ian Leroux
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