[xmonad] Changing workspace using the mouse

Ian D. Leroux idleroux at fastmail.fm
Mon Jan 4 10:19:45 EST 2010

I'm interested in using the mouse to navigate between windows, while
retaining the benefits of tiled window management (I hate resizing
windows by hand).  Xmonad already lets me change the focus within a
workspace with the mouse.  Is there any way (possibly using an extension
or by interaction with an external tool) to use the mouse to switch
workspaces?  How about rearranging windows within a (tiled) workspace? I
haven't found anything relevant in the documentation or the list
archives, but I might not be searching for the right thing.  If no such
capability currently exists, do you have any tips on where I should
start if I want to try writing my own?


Ian Leroux

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