[xmonad] Can't view youtube video full screen!

Christian Walther cptsalek at gmail.com
Sat Jan 2 14:06:34 EST 2010


2010/1/2 Yuliang Wang <jadelightking at gmail.com>:
> If I click the full screen button on youtube, the video pops up to a new
> tiling window, but if I press Alt+Space to change the layout so that the
> video window becomes full screen, the window closes instead.

same here.
I use the full screen layout with my web browser, and when I select
full screen in the youtube player the full screen window obviously
just pops up for an instance and disappears directly.

This is an ArchLinux install with 2.6.32 kernel (32 Bit), xmonad and
xmonad-contrib are 0.9-1.2, firefox is 3.5.6-1 and the flashplugin is

Christian Walther

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