[xmonad] Re: Issue 376 in xmonad: TwinView issues

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Mon Feb 22 16:48:33 EST 2010

Comment #3 on issue 376 by dripstone.blendercn: TwinView issues

Hi, I don't know what greedyView is, so I tried daniel.wagner's way.

The code I used in xmonad.hs is:
import XMonad.Layout.IndependentScreens
          ++ [       ("M" ++ m ++ ('-':k:[]) , windows $ onCurrentScreen f i)
                     | (i, k) <- zip myWorkspaces ['1'..'0']
                     , (f, m) <- [(W.view, ""), (W.shift, "-S"),  
(copy, "-C-S")]
It's not working.

Suppose the focus is always on main screen. If I press mod 1, I have window  
A on main
screen, and B,C on the other screen. Now if I press mod 2, I will have B,C  
on main
screen, and D on the other screen.

However, sometimes it works. For example, after I try mod n(random) for a  
couple of
times, I press mod 1, A is on main screen, B,C on the other. When I press  
mod 2, A
will be replaced by D. B,C remain on the other screen.

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