[xmonad] Layout.Gaps and PerScreen; is it going to happen?

Mikael Puhakka mr.progo at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 13:53:16 EST 2010

Dear Xmonad community,

I've recently switched to Xmonad from a 3-year relationship with
Fluxbox and just after 4-5 days of daily using I am beginning to love
this thing very passionately.

However, the old habits die hard and I don't even want to let go of
every of them. Some vices of mine include a small Conky instance in a
corner, a pseudo-transparent xterm tail -f :ing /var/log/messages with
semi-hourly fortunes, and a Rainlendar the flashy calendar

The "tail -f" monitor behind stuff in tiled environments such as this
doesn't make much sense but I rather wouldn't part from the other two.
Basically the subject says it all; I wonder if there is a working Gap
modifier that would work on one screen only (I have currently a
tri-head xinerama setup). I googled through the mailing lists and
since 2008 there has been no fuzz about it.

Am I left with a hack like a gapped layout to be used with one screen
only, or is there a better solution for this? These applications don't
do well with Layout.Monitor or alike. As a lazy workaround I've been
using "Circle" layout for that particular screen and workspace (it's
surprisingly handy and not just an eye toy).


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