[xmonad] Splitting into xmonad-core/xmonad/xmonad-contrib; WAS Small announce about the completion of the bluetile merge

Ralph Hofmann hofmann2004 at arcor.de
Fri Feb 12 06:56:51 EST 2010

As a still new user, who is trying to find his way, i think it is very
good to start with a very simple default configuration. 

But there is some kind of a gap between the defaults and the highly
individualized configs, that can be found by searching the internet. As
a new user, you are a little bit lost in this gap.

It could be filled by config examples, which each of them would cover a
certain topic. For instance the topic "layout" could be covered by a
xmonad.hs, that contains a series of layouts, which can be tested by
commenting them in and out. Another topic could be "dock handling".
Another one "key and mouse configuration" and so on. The examples should
cover only the topic and nothing else. I think this would be very
helpful to get new users started.



Am Donnerstag, den 11.02.2010, 23:06 -0600 schrieb Spencer Janssen:
> I don't see the point of adding another package, what problem does it really
> solve?  Some of the arguments for adding a third package border on
> intellectual dishonesty: we can't claim that xmonad is the same minimal window
> manager if we quadruple the lines of code used in the default configuration.
> I'd like to see concrete suggestions of what ought to be added if we made this
> xmonad/core/contrib split.
> Regarding "sane defaults", I think there are just a few things that need to
> be added to xmonad proper:
>  - Full screen windows
>  - ICCCM focus protocol/make Java work
>  - Handling of a few window types: dock, desktop, etc.
>  - Status bar without editing xmonad.hs (current plan is to do this via EWMH)
> Each of these could be added to the xmonad we know now without changing
> packaging policy.
> Cheers,
> Spencer Janssen
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