[xmonad] XMC.Prompt: changing greenXPConfig to have no border

Gwern Branwen gwern0 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 16:51:20 EST 2010

I've been mulling for a while what border color would go best with the
terminal-style greenXPConfig prompt (green text on black background),
since the default white was clearly unsatisfactory. I tried yellow for
a while, but that didn't seem much better. Then I realized the problem
was there being a border at all, and that I ought to do just:

hunk ./XMonad/Prompt.hs 226
-greenXPConfig = defaultXPConfig { fgColor = "green", bgColor = "black" }
+greenXPConfig = defaultXPConfig { fgColor = "green", bgColor =
"black", promptBorderWidth = 0 }

Simple enough. It pleases me.

As far as the config archive knows, the only 2 users of greenXPConfig
are myself and Adam Vogt:

20.hs:import XMonad.Prompt (greenXPConfig)
20.hs:            ((m .|. shiftMask,xK_p), shellPrompt greenXPConfig)
20.hs:          , ((m,              xK_b), safePrompt "firefox" greenXPConfig)
20.hs:          , ((m .|. shiftMask,xK_c), prompt (term ++ " -e") greenXPConfig)
20.hs:          , ((m .|. shiftMask,xK_e), prompt "emacsclient -c -a
emacs" greenXPConfig)
20.hs:          , ((m,              xK_g), promptSearch greenXPConfig google)
20.hs:          , ((m,              xK_t), promptSearch greenXPConfig wikipedia)
20.hs:          , ((m,              xK_u), promptSearch greenXPConfig isohunt)
20.hs:          , ((m,              xK_y), promptSearch greenXPConfig wayback)
7.hs:import XMonad.Prompt(XPConfig(font), XPrompt(showXPrompt),
greenXPConfig, mkXPrompt)
7.hs:myXPConfig = greenXPConfig { font =
"xft:Profont:pixelsize=15:autohint=true" }

If he nor anyone else objects, in a few days I'll just push this small change.


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