[xmonad] Re: Issue 69 in xmonad: Key binding improvements

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Wed Feb 3 10:14:57 EST 2010

Comment #10 on issue 69 by korp... at korpios.com: Key binding improvements

On my system, at least, my left and right modifier keys of the same type  
"alt", "shift") are seen by X as different keys; this leaves open the  
possibility of
using one of the two for Xmonad, and the other for its original purpose.   
You can
check by running "xev" and seeing what key code you get when you press  
those keys; if
they are indeed different, and if you are amenable to the idea (e.g., if  
you notice
you always use only the left or right version of that key), you should be  
able to
write a much simpler xmodmap than "delete and re-add everything" which gets  
you what
you want.

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