[xmonad] Set Window Maximum Width

Adam Vogt vogt.adam at gmail.com
Fri Dec 31 03:56:30 CET 2010

* On Monday, December 27 2010, Eyal Erez wrote:

>I use a fairly large monitor (24" widescreen).  Most applications I open,
>are too large when they take up the entire space, and I end up needing to
>open another application (like a terminal) to shrink them down.  I was
>wondering if there's a way to set a maximum window width.  So if only one
>application is running, it would float in the middle of the workspace?
>It would be a plus if this size can be set per application type (e.g. window
>Thank you,

Hello Eyal,

Attached is a preliminary module which does some of what you ask. 
Refer to the included comments and TODO which I suppose could be 
followed up on to make a proper contrib module. The example there 
shrinks white xterms like http://i.imgur.com/YD3r2.png

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