[xmonad] Behaviour of window stack when closing a window

Adam Vogt vogt.adam at gmail.com
Sun Dec 19 21:19:49 CET 2010

* On Sunday, December 19 2010, Sönke Hahn wrote:

>When closing a window, the focus goes to the next window in the stack, if it 
>exists (e.g. "head $ down currentStack"). What is the best way to change 
>that behaviour to let the focus go to the previous window in the window 
>stack (e.g. "head $ up currentStack")?
>(btw: This is my first post to a list using a newsreader client, so: Am I 
>doing this right?)

Hello Sönke,
This may not be the best way, but if I understand correctly, you can add
a keybinding that runs this (instead of just `kill') to get what you're
asking for:

killUp :: X ()
killUp = do { kill; windows XMonad.StackSet.focusUp }


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