[xmonad] Stump like behavior...

Sean Charles sean at objitsu.com
Wed Aug 25 06:48:15 EDT 2010


Being a long time LISP/Stump user I migrated to xmonad about eight
months ago and I am totally hooked, just bought 'Real World Haskell' and
determined to 'get into it' ASAP!! Awesome. 

I've read around the list but
I can't see what I am after, prepared to write it myself if I have too...
in stump you can create a new application in the same frame as the current
one and then rotate between them; a circular queue of windows with the
topmost one being the active one. 

Can xmonad do this out of the box or
with some nifty configuration applied to xmonad.hs ? 

When I have a main
window with firefox running and three smaller ones stacked beloe with pork,
mutt and a shell open, I would like to be able to use the same space for
emacs and swap between firefox and emacs as I work. It's not a problem
really but I wondered if it would be easy to achieve the same stump-like

Sean Charles. 

_"When you argue with a fool,
there are two fools arguing."_ - ANON.
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