[xmonad] Re: Issue 214 in xmonad: mouse shift with java

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Fri Aug 20 00:19:22 EDT 2010

Comment #5 on issue 214 by allbery.b: mouse shift with java

It really isn't xmonad's fault.

The JRE doesn't deal well with non-reparenting window managers.  It has a  
small compiled-in list of non-reparenting window managers for which it will  
work around its own brokenness --- but any non-reparenting WM they didn't  
put into that list will have problems with graphics.

The "official" solution is to use the SetWMName module in contrib to make  
xmonad advertise itself as a WM on that short list.  MToolkit is a hack  
with its own bugs and no guarantee of continued support (the environment it  
was created for is these days quite dead).

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