[xmonad] Weird behavior in Combo[P] and IM to do with "master"

Alex Rozenshteyn rpglover64 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 15 08:37:57 EDT 2010

I mention these both in the same query because I think this behavior has to
do with the way each of them handles master windows, and the concept of
"master" in XMonad is something I don't understand very well.

The two layouts in particular are:

>  magnifier = Mag.magnifiercz' 1.3

>  magnifier $ named "Split" $
>    combineTwoP (TwoPane (3%100) (2%3))
>                (noBorders simpleTabbedBottom)
>                (limitWindows 3 $ Column 1)
>                (ClassName "Iceweasel")


>  (magnifier $ gridIM (1%5) (Role "buddy_list"))

With the IM layout, it appears that any new window becomes the master, which
is not the desired behavior; the buddy list should stay master, if I
understand correctly.

The problem with the combineTwoP layout is that one of the iceweasel
instances on the left side of the screen is a master window, leading to the
undesired behavior of the other one magnifying.

Additionally, is it possible to have no master windows (e.g. in a grid

Thank you very much.
          Alex R
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