[xmonad] Issue 403 in xmonad: DynamicLog encodes output twice

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Thu Aug 12 03:56:33 EDT 2010

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New issue 403 by muflax: DynamicLog encodes output twice

What steps will reproduce the problem?

Using dynamicLog with ghc 6.12 leads to output that is encoded as UTF-8  
twice and thus anything but ASCII is unreadable.

A dirty hack is using ppOutput = putStrLn . decodeString. Removing  
encodeSring (with darcs, it seems to be encodeOutput with 0.9.1) from  
dynamicLogString in DynamicLog.hs fixes the problem.

What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?

xmonad-contrib-0.9.1 or latest darcs, ghc-6.12.3, Gentoo with haskell  

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