[xmonad] Re: Issue 393 in xmonad: XMonad.Prompt.Shell should use user-defined searchPredicate

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Wed Apr 28 10:03:32 EDT 2010

Comment #1 on issue 393 by hgabreu: XMonad.Prompt.Shell should use  
user-defined searchPredicate

I've managed to set up Shell the way I wanted, which is ignoring case.
It may help anyone willing to correct/enhance XMonad.Prompt.Shell, I don't  
do it
myself because I'm very bad at haskell and don't how to do it right,  
flexible, etc.

I copied X.P.Shell getShellCompl and commandCompletionFunction to my config
(attached) and changed them to this:
getShellCompl cmds s | s == "" || last s == ' ' = return []
                      | otherwise                = do
     f     <- fmap lines $ runProcessWithInput "bash" [] ("bind 'set  
ignore-case on'; compgen -A file " ++ encodeOutput s ++ "\n")
...the rest of the function is the same...

commandCompletionFunction cmds str | '/' `elem` str = []
                                    | otherwise = filter ((\x y -> map  
toLower x
`isPrefixOf` map toLower y) str) cmds

Oh! I don't think anyone will ever try this config as is, but is one does,  
change the
layoutHook because it won't run ok. I edited MouseResizableTile here to  
play with

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