[xmonad] ManageHook question regarding sending applications to certain workspaces.

Mike Sampson mike at sambodata.com
Sun Apr 11 03:06:00 EDT 2010

Hi XMonad users and hackers,

since I have been using XMonad I have been using a manage hook to send
epdfviewer (my pdf reader of choice) to a workspace "3:doc" using the

[ className =? "Epdfview" --> doShift "3:doc"]

I would also like this workspace to be moved onto the second screen of
my two screen xinerama setup. After looking through the config archive
the closest I can find to this is:

doShiftAndGo = doF . liftM2 (.) W.greedyView W.shift

which brings the workspace the application is moved to, to the current
screen. Is there a way to always bring the workspace to screen 2?



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