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> On Mon, Apr 05, 2010 at 04:03:52PM +0200, Jan Vornberger wrote:
> > By the way: Since you are apparently using decorations, what is your
> > experience with them in general? Are you on a dual-head setup or just a
> > single monitor? Because the decoration code really needs some work, I'm
> > afraid. Sometimes I have problems with 'left-over' title bars that won't
> > disappear and such things. I reckon there aren't many people on this
> > list that are using decoration, are there?
> Although the question was not addressed to me... :)
> Not sure if the problem is with 'Layout.Decoration' or specifically with
> 'Layout.Tabbed' but :
> In a 'tabbed' workspace, switching from a "normal" application to a
> "transparent" urxvt is slow (1-2 seconds). On the other hand, switching
> between 2 (undecorated) workspaces containing a transparent urxvt is
> almost instantanous.
> I'm not using urxvt with transparency anymore, because i like tabbed
> more than transparency :p
Sorry, I didn't see the message because I answered the other one without
changing the subject line :(

My experience with decorations is mostly great. I only have one problem:
when I click maximize (most of the times because of I miss the close button
and click maximize instead) the decoration seems to appear behind the
window, and only the "menu" button is shown, so I have to enter the menu to
de-maximize it. Even more, when I maximize a window, it does not expand to
the entire window.

I use it title bars with dragging visualizers and window switchers and I
haven't found any special issue with using both, so I'm very happy with it

Some times I've seen some left-over title bars, mostly when switching a
window to another workspace. But it does not happen frequently. For me, it
only happens when I try to open Eclipse, and then think I should switch it
to another workspace, so I move the initial window to the another workspace,
but then the "loading" window disappears and only a title bar is left. Maybe
some race condition between showing the title bar and closing the window.

Finally, I may add that I've developed a little Gnome panel applet to show
which windows are minimized. I think it's a better idea than showing all
open windows (as in Gnome panel), or not showing none. Then I use the panel
above to use a global menu, so windows have more space to show actual
contents. I did a screenshot http://twitpic.com/1c1zu0

As Alexandre, I'm a very happy XMonad user, even I just did the change about
2 weeks ago :)
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